Can Berk Güder


I'm a software engineer, originally from Turkey, living in San Francisco. I work at Pivotal Labs. This is what I look like.


BestPractices is a collection of things I consider to be best practices in test-driven iOS development.

CBGPromise is a lightweight promise library for Swift.

elrio is a cap inset detector & optimizer for resizable UIKit assets. Gem.

FLAC2iTunes is a FLAC importer for iTunes.

I also contribute to Cedar, deferred, homebrew, sprout and thrust.

Completed/Abandoned Projects

A Better S/MIME GUI is a GUI add-on for Thunderbird, designed to inform the users more on the limitations of digital (S/MIME) signatures. Homepage / Publication.

AES on CUDA is an implementation of the Rijndael cipher on GPUs using CUDA.

mayhoş was a popular Ekşi Sözlük client for iOS. I removed the app from the App Store and released the source in July 2013 after 4 years on the App Store.

mona is a PyGTK app for visualizing node movements in an ns2 tracefile.

mugen is a simple mobility generator for ns2.

PractiSES (Practical and Secure Email System) is a PGP key distribution system.

rutorrent is a Ruby library for the remote management of µTorrent clients.

trap is an ns2 tracefile parser and analyzer.

I also wrote a master's thesis: Efficient and Secure Delivery of Area-Persistent Safety Messages in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.


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